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VIOLIN TECH 2022 Bojan Cvetrežnik

Dear violin/viola friends,
as I promised at my summer presentations, my violin tech winter semester online will happen! Since there was lots of interest among teachers, we will have morning sessions with an option to look at the recorded session later in the day. I will explain the whole procedure in the first week, so:



  • 30th November to 2nd December, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 9:30 – 10:10 – Morning Starters
  • 10:10 – 10:45 – Presenting the Main Dishes workflow

Central European time!

The subscription only to ‘Morning Starters’ is possible for a symbolic fee of 70 EUR per 3 months. Every second week /  3 days / 40 minutes sessions.

Is it possible to have fun and learn lots at the same time at online presentations? I have massive problems with sitting and listening to someone talking. My online meetings are social, interactive and funny. Main Dishes require a serious input of every individual participant, since Morning Starters have absolutely no obligations. We will alternate ‘Morning starters’ every week with ‘Main Dishes’. The last session is on 17th February. Christmas one week free.

I am highly inspired and looking forward to meeting you,

More info and registration here.

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