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The 44th ESTA International Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 26th – 30th April 2016

STRINGS European Heritage

The 44th ESTA International Conference was held in the most prestigious area of the Slovenian capital; Congress Square is the meeting point of the University of Ljubljana, the Slovenian Philharmonic and the “Casino” dance hall. Slovenia has always been at the crossroads of Slavic, Romance and Germanic culture, so the theme of the Conference was “the common heritage of all European peoples”.
The Conference offered a widely varied programme – a total of 52 events over five days. 284 delegates from 27 countries attended, 522 including all performers.


Concerts were given by, among others:

String Orchestras of the Slovenian Music Schools Association, the Tartini Music Studio conducted by Vlado Repše, and the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana.
Alpe – Adria Regional Youth Symphony Orchestra (Austria).
SoDo Orchestra – El sistema Croatia.
Winners of the Rudolf Matz International String Competition and the TEMSIG Slovenian National Competition.
Prize-winning students from the Zagreb Music Academy.
“Special Courses” participants, led by Barja Dernovšek and Bojan Cvetrežnik.
Črtomir Šiškovič: Tartini violin solo sonatas.
Tartini String Quartet: Gala Concert of works by Lipovšek and Schubert.

“At the Crossroads of European Violin Heritage – The Bohemian Road” curated by Maruša Zupančič.
“Giuseppe Tartini – violinist, composer, music theorist and pedagogue” curated by Duška Žitko and Vildana Repše.

String consultations with Adrian Mueller (D) – Pirastro

Gala Evening hosted by Thomastik-Infeld at Club Neboticnik: with entertainment from Radio String Quartet Vienna and Symbolic Orchestra on Thomastik Strings
First Day and Final Parties with Bojan Cvetrežnik and Symbolic Orchestra

Other presentations included:

Agnes Stein von Kamienski (D): Once upon a time
Ana Schranz-Miljanić, Peter Schranz (A): Folk music in instrumental lessons
Anđelko Krpan (CRO): Competitions – advantages and disadvantages
Bernd Müsing (D): Evolution of the bow
Bojan Cvetrežnik (SLO): Teaching the violin before reading music
Bruno Giuranna (viola) with Aleksandar Serdar (piano): lecture recital – Brahms Sonata Op.120 no.1
Chris Haigh (UK): Fiddling across Europe
Clarissa Folleto (P): Effective communication in one-to-one lessons
Črtomir Šiškovič (I): Tartini violin solo sonatas
Dina Krilić (A): Dina Violina – tutor books
Franc Rizmal (SLO): Learn to conduct
Heidi Mantere (FIN): Pilates
Igor Cvetko (SLO): Tartini and Kamishibai
Igor Ozim (SLO): Violin masterclass
Inga Ulokina (SLO): Happy Notes – an educational game
Jan Dahlkvist (S): Double bass – François Rabbath
Joseph Puglia, Emmy Storms (NL): Berio Project – Duets by Luciano Berio
Kateryna Zavalko (UKR): Orchestral classes for beginner string players
Marie Körkkö, Merit Palas (FIN): Learning to learn
Mark Lambrecht (B): Batta and Servais – Romantic cello virtuosi
Marko Kragelnik (SLO): Online cello school
Max Grosch (A): String improvisation
Michael Bochmann (UK), violin: Bach, Dance and English Folk Music
Pedro de Alcantara (F): Exploring the harmonic series / Transformation
Polona Udovič Furlan (SLO): Playing an instrument – hard work, but fun
Sebastjan Bertoncelj, Tamara Gombač (SLO): The pedagogical legacy of David Popper
The Radio String Quartet Vienna (A): New concepts of the string quartet
Vildana Repše (SLO): Our 25 years – Tartini Music Studio and the Slovene system of music education
Violeta Smailović Huart (BIH): Music on the string
Wolfgang Klos (A) with Maja Rome (SLO): Viola Pyramid
Wolfgang Weiss (A): Make a sound choice

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