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The 40th ESTA International Conference Strings Attached: Porec, Croatia, 16th – 20th October 2012

This Conference was held in the 2000-year-old town of Poreč, situated on the Istrian peninsula on the Adriatic coast. The trademark of Porec is the 6th century Euphrasius Basilica: a magnificent church in Byzantine style, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where three concerts were played. The rest of the concerts were in the Porec Theatre and Town Hall. Conference events took place in the Theatre, simultaneously in the Big and Small Halls. The Theatre Lobby served as an exhibition area. On the last day of the Conference, an excursion was organised to the ancient town of Groznjan, the international camp of Jeunesses Musicales. The Conference was organised under the high patronage of Croatian President Dr. Ivo Josipovic.

Zagreb String Quartet
Four Funen Females – violoncello quartet
Mauro Tortorelli, violin – Angela Meluso, piano
Folk Music Ensemble from Porec
Barbara Doll, violin – Cristina Marton, piano
Sensibile Piano Trio (Slovenia)
The Zagreb Music Academy String Orchestra, artistic director: Catherine Mackintosh (UK)
ESTA String Octet, artistic director: Pavle Zajcev (Croatia)
Cello +: music for 1 to 8 cellos, artistic director: Dobrila Berkovic Magdalenic (Croatia)
Jeunesses Musicales Croatia String Orchestra, artistic director: Pavle Zajcev (Croatia)
Damiano Scarpa, violoncello solo
Prizewinners of the Croatian string competition for young players
Cellomania: Cello Ensemble, artistic director: Valter Despalj (Croatia)

Laine Sepp (Estonia): The ‘Wow effect’ in violin study
Ines Ana Badanjak (Croatia): Pizzicato method
Tamara Matajia (Croatia): Franjo Kresnik, Croatian violin maker – Between Art and Artisanship
Karen Valeur (Denmark): From open strings to symphonic sound – music for cello ensemble by Rudolf Matz and other great cello teachers
Wolfgang Klos (Austria): International Relations between Music Academies and Professional Institutions of Arts
Djordje Begu: The Lijerica, a Croatian stringed folk instrument
Marc Vanscheewijck (Belgium): Recent re-evaluations of the Baroque cello and its repertoire
Vildana Repse (Slovenia): The Art of Chamber Music from Beginner to Professional Musician or Well-Educated Amateur
Satu Jalas (Finland): Jean Sibelius: Colours in his Music and his Personality
Mirta Pletersek Blaskovic (Croatia): Violin pieces for young players by Croatian composers
Mauro Sestan (Croatia): Juro Tkalcic (1877-1957) – cellist, composer and pedagogue
Barbara Doll (Switzerland): How does the experience with historical bows influence my interpretation of Viennese Classical repertoire?
Catherine Mackintosh (UK): ‘A Guide to Guidance’ from three great European String Teachers of the mid-18th century: F. S. Geminiani, L. Mozart, J. J. Quantz
Michael Frischenschlager (Austria): Complete violin technique in 9 months – Systematisation and Concentration bases for practising technique, with examples of technical exercises from the class of Prof. Frischenschlager.
Marija Cepulic (Croatia): Development of awareness of one’s body while playing the violin (Primer „Violin ABC“)
Samanta Stell (Croatia): Yoga and Music
Vjera Katalinic (Croatia): Giovanni Giornovichi, violin virtuoso from the 18th century

Zoran Markovic (Slovenia): The ZM Tailpiece for string instruments
Yova Yordanova (Russia): Primer for little violinists 1 and 2
Violeaf (Croatia) – Chin rest for violin and viola
Torbjörn Westman (Sweden): Rockstrings
Ivan Prpic Vuna (Croatia): New edition of J. S. Bach: 6 Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo

Zoran Markovic (Slovenija): Double Bass masterclass
Bruno Giuranna (Italy): Viola masterclass
Leonid Sorokow (Austria/Croatia): Violin masterclass

Round Table:
Kjell-Ake Hamren (Sweden): ESTA yesterday, today, tomorrow

English text edited by Janet Thomas

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