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Next 49th International ESTA Conference 2021

At its first meeting the new Central Board came to the decision to hold the 49th ESTA International Online Conference for string teachers, from 24th September – 26th September 2021.

From now on, each branch is invited to submit a proposal for a presentation before 28th February 2021. The programme committee will let you know if your proposal has been accepted by 15th March 2021. Any topics will be considered, though you might like to bear in mind the theme of the conference: “Formal and Informal Teaching and Learning”.

For those who are still wondering what the conference is about and what our vision and understanding of the theme “Formal and Informal Teaching and Learning” is, please read the following:

The conference theme is “Formal and Informal Teaching and Learning”. In the last decades there have been huge technological developments, which have created an increasing number of new digital resources. Nowadays the phone in our pocket gives us access to a metronome, a tuner, a microphone, a video camera, a sound studio, a video lab, to infinite recordings, tutorials, apps,  examples, play along, online courses and  full methods to learn how to play without a teacher. Social networks are full of possibilities that enable us to share every personal achievement, every level passed and every concert and presentation.

The conference theme is closely related to the current period of social distancing. When the formal process is reduced by this, we need to look to investigate and promote more informal teaching and learning resources. Teaching techniques may be expanded to many interdisciplinary fields, presenting challenges to educators, researchers and artists alike. Thought and reflection is needed to understand all that is new, while at the same time, we must be aware of all the qualities of more traditional teaching and learning so as not to lose its benefits.

If you still have unanswered questions about online conference in general, please contact us via the following business mail address: [email protected]

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