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ESTA Switzerland Edition

ESTA Switzerland publishes „ESTA Schweiz Edition“ at the music publishing house „Müller&Schade AG“ in Bern, Switzerland. All publications are marked with the ESTA Schweiz Edition logo. The series includes music-pedagogical works, music-theoretical and music-historical essays as well as compositions for string instruments. All titles considered for edition line are reviewed by a working group composed of members of ESTA Switzerland and experts, if necessary. This working group decides finally the admission of the titles for publication. The authors sign a contract with Müller&Schade and carry no financial risk.

ESTA Switzerland as well as the authors receive a commission of 5% of the price of sale for every title. Members of ESTA Switzerland benefit from a discount of 20%, members of other european ESTA branches receive a discount of 10% on all publications of ESTA Switzerland Edition.

ESTA Schweiz Edition is for our members intended to be a unique and important platform for new publications at a national and international level. If you are interested in publishing a work in ESTA Schweiz Edition, please get in touch with the secretariat of ESTA Switzerland: [email protected]

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