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43rd ESTA International Conference in Middelburg, The Netherlands, 22nd – 26th May 2015

Theme: Do-it-yourself

The 43rd ESTA International Conference was held in the pretty town of Middelburg in the south- west of The Netherlands, in a variety of venues all in walking distance from each other. More than 200 ESTA members from all over Europe attended the lectures, concerts and workshops, and “did-it-themselves”!

The Conference offered a widely varied programme – a total of more than 60 events over five days.


Workshops were given by, among others:
Katharine Mac Mághnuis – Irish fiddle
Johannes Jacobs – Instrument maintenance
Andreas Grütter – Make your own bow
Barry Green – The Inner Game
Peter Vinken – Scratch ensemble music
Elsbeth de Jong – Mystery of the hidden sound
Susanne Paul – Grooving on a string instrument
Esther Epituley – Which note is the most beautiful?
Kathy & David Blackwell – Fiddle Time Starters & Ensemble playing for young players
Pirkko Simojoki – Coaching a young orchestra
Antoinette Lohmann – Playing baroque
Tim Kliphuis – Improvisation
Wiesje Miedema – Teaching the very young
Franz Rizmal – Learn to conduct
Isabelle Brys – Playing double bass
Kristian Kolman – Creating a virtual classroom
Terje Hansen – Creative tips by a left-handed virtuoso
Doris Hochscheid – Cello Album

Lectures and demonstrations were given by, among others:
Bruno Giuranna – Secrets of the Arpeggione Sonata
Nico Dezaire – Use of cds in lessons
Kolja Meeuwsen – Violinists in the acoustic era
Hans Erik Deckert – Intonation on a musical foundation
Rita Mendes – The feast of the violins
Dirk Lievens – Stringfun
Bernd Musing – Physics of the bow
Coosje Wijzenbeek – Behind the scenes

Concerts were given by, among others:
Fancy Fiddlers
Doris Hochscheid & Frans van Ruth
Martinu Quartet
ESTA student baroque orchestra
Tim Kliphuis Sextet
Ruysdael Quartet
Trio Dumas

Exhibition area with sheet music, information and accessories
Pirastro string consultation
Excursion to the beautiful little town of Veere

[English editing by Janet Thomas, January 2019]

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