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3rd International ESTA Congress at Schloss Elmau/Germany 22-29 April, 1976

The unique atmosphere of Schloss Elmau, which we still remember vividly from 1996, had captured all of us already 20 years earlier, although then we saw nothing but thick rain clouds above the plateau, which in 1996 presented itself in splendid sunshine. However, what was most important was the old and new contacts, the lectures and concerts that we had already had become accustomed to. In spite of the long journey, 60 participants from Great Britain had not shunned the effort in order to take part. The other participants:

Germany 68
Switzerland 24
Sweden 11
Netherlands 8
Austria 7
Greece 4
Japan 2
Yugoslavia 2
Luxembourg 1
Hungary 1

The total ESTA membership had risen to 935, a very pleasing development indeed.

Again, Max Rostal with his partner Günther Ludwig delighted us with an evening rendering sonatas by Beethoven: op. 12/1, op. 30/2 and op. 96. The concert by Menuhin/Rostal with works by J.S. Bach counted among the highlights of the evening programmes. Another well-received event was the demonstration by the municipal music school of Lahr on string work, Marianne Kroemer contributed an exhibition on “Violin Tutors – Their History and Evolution up the Present Day”, which provided an insight into the method of string- instrument teaching from 1523 (Judenkfinig) up to the present.

High-quality lectures were presented by:

Cecil Aronowitz (GB) “On My Experiences as a Violist”
Friedrich von Hausegger (GFR) “Reflections by String-Players on the Interpretation and Technique”
Imogen Holst (GB) “Dance Rhythms in Purcell and Bach”
Walter Lebcrmann (GFR) “Viola Concertos of the Classical Period”
Konrad Leonhardt (GFR) “What the Violinist, the Violist, and the Cellist Have to Know about Their Instruments”
Gerhard Mantel (GFR) “The Crooked Bow”
Yehudi Menuhin (GB) “Interpretation – in Music, in Life”
Igor Ozim (YU) “Some Thoughts on Shifts on the Violin”
Rudolf v. Tobel (CH) “Pablo Casals’ Impact on Musical interpretation”
Christoph Wagner (FRG) “Research in the Field of Instruments Education”

An excursion to the violin-building centre of Mittenwatd and the musically serene farewell evening starring, among others, Teddy Bor (GB) will remain unforgettable.

At the Delegates’ Meeting on 28 April Max Rostal received the Honorary Membership Certificate from the hands of Zenzo Matsumoto, Vice-President of JASTA – Japanese String Teachers Association.

Maria Naef-Busato was omnipresent as Secretary and administering angel.

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