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33rd International ESTA Conference in Valletta, Malta, March 19th – 24th 2005

This time, the Conference took place on the southern edge of Europe, on a Mediterranean island with a rich history marked by rule under many different nations. The Conservatoire, which was celebrating its 30th anniversary at the same time, had been founded with help from the Austrian government. The Greeks, Sicilians, Spaniards, the Order of the Knights of St John, Napoleon, the Italians under Mussolini – all have left their traces in the architecture and music of Malta. Lastly, music from around the Mediterranean was a focal point of this Conference. Concerts took place in palatial buildings.

Presentations included:

Werner Schmitt, CH Legato
Igor Ozim, CH Teaching demonstration on the César Franck violin sonata
Eva Bogren, S Scandinavian Strings
Mark Lambrecht
Stefan Craynest, B
Baroque cello duets on modern instruments
Bruno Giuranna, I Lecture recital: Brahms viola sonata Op.120 no.2
Charles Camilleri, Malta Coaching the Stolyarsky String Quartet
Lautits Larsen, Germany Development of strings
Philipp Ciantar, Malta Stringed instruments in Arab classical music
Cheniston K. Roland, GB Testimony from pupils of Jenö Hubay
Hassan Sharara, Egypt Works by Attia Shahara
Education at the Cairo Conservatoire
Lisbeth Vecchi, S Body and instrument in harmonious teamwork
John Schranz, Malta Dance performance
Joseph Vella, Malta Music in Malta in the 18th and 19th centuries
Klaus Hertel, Germany The problems of intonation
Qui van Woerdekom, NL Violin method on DVD
Ulrike Danhofer, A Max Rostal – 100 years
Marianne Poncelet, CH The MUS-E Project
Rainer Fsadni, Malta “Ghana” – traditional song in Malta
The Stolyarsky String Quartet, UA Quartet in Residence

The ‘ESTA Students of the Year’ were British violinist Jeanine Thorpe and violinist Hwa-Won Pyun from Germany.

At the Delegates’ meeting: As Igor Ozim had expressed the wish to stand down, Edith Peinemann (Germany) was elected as the new President. Käthi Gohl (CH) and Aino Riikjärv (Est) were elected onto Central Board, joining Vice-President Kjell-Åke Hamrén (S) and Peter Esswood (UK). Council of the Koch Foundation: Michel Strauss (F), K-A Hamrén, W. Schmitt, L. Stöckbauer. Cooperation (over six years) with The Strad magazine, which distributes the ESTA international newsletter EST, will continue to a lesser extent. ESTA will still appear on the Orpheus/Strad website.

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