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27th International ESTA Congress “Strings 99” in Portsmouth/UK, 6 – 10 April, 1999

This Congress was overshadowed by the unexpected death of Lord Yehudi Menuhin.

The social programme was determined by what a city located by the sea was able to offer – including a gala dinner onboard the HMS Warrior.

There were so many, almost too many, major events that they could not possibly be attended all by the participants:

Karin Greenhead, GB Dalcroze – Rhythm
Tamás Ittzès, Hungary Kodaly
Jürgen Kroemer, Austria The Universe of Baroque Dance and Seminars “Relaxation and Swiftness” and “The Viennese Waltz”
John Savin, GB Preparation of Sting Teachers for Teaching
Richard Crozier, GB Course for Professional Further Education and Training
Malcolm Williamson
Ron Colyer
Vivien Mackie, GB
The Alexander Technique
Csaba und Géza Szilvay, Finland Seminar “Colour Strings”
Margaret Campbell, GB Grand Violinists throughout the Centuries
Pauline Nobes, GB Violin solo : Partitas by Johann Joseph Vilsmayr (1663-1722), on the Baroque Violin
Sheila Nelson
Catherine Elliott, GB
Seminar: The Correct Method for String Players
Dr. Boni Rietveld, Netherlands Violinjuries and Other String Players’ Strains
Margaret Campbell, GB Grand Cellists throughout the Centuries
Reinhardt Goebel, Germany Learning to Play the Violin the Other Way Round
Phyllis Young, USA Playing the String Play: Vibrato
Simon Fisher, GB PlayingMaintaining the Level of Professional
Caroline Emery, GB Bass Is Best!
Julia Goehr, GB Maintaining a High Level in Teaching Instruments at School
Micheal Lewin, GB Guitar and String Instruments

Given the diversity and the richness of the programme, only a few of the highlights can be mentioned:

The ensemble Hof-Dantzer, led by Jürgen Kroemer, offered a performance with authentic, historical choreographies on the dance movements of Baroque suites. In further lectures participants were encouraged to learn some basic forms of the Baroque repertoire of dance movements and of the Viennese Waltz. The seminar by Geza Szilvay was extremely well attended and much appreciated for its well-conceived method for beginners and developed further to the level of professional study. After a “finger buffet”, night concerts could be enjoyed late at night performed by the Albanian Tirana String Quartet presenting two Albanian quartets. One member of the Quartet received a new violin case – the result of a collection – as a small attempt to alleviate misery in this country. The concert by the Sorel Quartet, composed of four ladies, turned into an extraordinary event, equally the brilliant cellist Alice Neary. Further concerts were given by small quartets at beginners’ level with folkloremusic and jazz. Most impressive – the “Sea Stories”, an ingenious composition by Richard Taylor for pupils’ choir and orchestra and staged at the New Theatre Royal. Superb as always – Phyllis Young’s, Simon Fisher’s and Sheila Nelson’s performance. The “Final Concert” was played by the International Youth String Orchestra, conducted by Malcolm Layfield, and, with the Concerto for Double String Orchestra by Michael Tippet, left a special impression.

General Meeting of the Delegates on 9 April in Portsmouth

Elspeth Iliff chaired the Meeting in lieu of President Siegfried Palm, who was unable to attend. She started with a minute’s silence fort the late Honorary ESTA President Lord Yehudi Menuhin and the cellist William Pleeth. Solande Eggermont, Secretary of the Central Secretariat, reported on last year’s meetings and the “re-opening” of the French Branch of ESTA. It was pointed out again how important the membership lists of the individual countries were and that they should be submitted to the Central Secretariat by the beginning of the year in order to prepare the accounts and to send out the INL – the International News Letter – on time.

Werner Schmitt, too, urged that membership fees be paid in due time so as not to hamper the work of the auditors.

Membership fees for western European countries were increased by 10%, the others remained unchanged.

The members of the Central Committee were newly elected: President Siegfried Palm, D, (elected for the 3rd time), Vice-President Elspeth Iliff ,GB, (2nd tenure), Werner Schmitt, CH, Treasurer, Prof.Mikulas Jelinek, Slovakia, and Nina Murdvee, Estonia, were all re-elected unanimously.

Prof.Marianne Kroemer, A, resigned from her office as President of the Ernst- Koch-Foundation. Kjell Ake Hamren, Sweden, previous Vice-President, Dr. Lothar Stöckbauer, member of the Advisory Board of the Sinfonima Foundation of the Mannheim Insurance Company, were proposed as advisors together with Rodney Slatford and Werner Schmitt and elected by individual vote.

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