34th International ESTA Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, August 8th – 13th 2006

The old hanseatic city of Tallinn, over centuries exploited by strong occupying forces, offered the background for an excellently organised conference in the modern music conservatoire. Like Phoenix from the ashes the Estonian colleagues and their fellow countrymen have seized the new chances of their freedom. Traces of the positive cultural influences of the former occupying forces appeared again and again, in lectures as well as in many concerts. A lot of new music by Estonian composers, played by children and young, very well accomplished musicians, in old churches and medieval guild houses, delighted the conference participants. An excursion to Pärnu at the Baltic Sea inspirited the exchange between the members of the ESTA family.

Marje Lohuaru, EST International relations between music academies
Edith Peinemann, Germany Master class
Mari Tempore-Bezrodny, RUS The violin player Igor Bezrodny
Maret Mursa, EST Alexander technique
Bruno Giuranna, I Solo sonata op.25 No.1 by Hindemith, work review
Diana Ozolina
Lolita Lilje, LIT
Lithuanian cello music
Irina Bochkova, RUS Grieg sonatas for violin, concert and lecture
Anja Maja Suzuki on the cello
Gerhard Mantel, Germany The physics of sound and inspiration, workshop
Valentina Yakubovskaya, RUS The particularities of teaching 3-year-old children
Jenny Spanoghe
Jan van Landeghem, B
The development of violin technique in Belgium
Dermot Crehan, GB The development of the music for „Lord of the Rings“
Niina Murdvee, EST The professional Estonian music education, in the past until today
Peeter Paemurru, EST The great cello teacher Alfred von Glehn
Airi Koivukovski, EST Learning to love music in groups
Andres Leivategija, EST Prevention of playing trauma (CTD)

Следующая международная конференция:

26.05 - 30.05

Казань, Татарстан