ESTA Post Graduate Certificate in String Teaching (Accredited by University of Chichester)

As you are aware, ESTA’s first string teaching qualification was launched this year and has proved to be quite a success with students from as far as Canada and Australia enrolling. Booking is now open for year 2 (commencing Spring 2018). Full details of the course can be found at


Audition Perform - A new course developed in collaboration with The Strad magazine and Musical Orbit

This course provides an opportunity for students to work closely with some of the finest Concert Masters and section Principals in the world. It is a unique chance to explore the nuances of the different audition processes, trial & probation etiquette and an opportunity to showcase playing. Discussion groups will focus on performance anxiety, instrument set up, behaviour in the workplace, job requirements, contract advice and starting out and changing jobs in the highly competitive classical music business. Full details can be found at

Prochaine Conférence internationale

16.04 - 20.04

Porto, Portugal

Financial help

ESTA Solidarity Fund